An Ora at the Temple of Oma. Religious and political advisor to the Kai. A sinajista. She's a lean woman, over 50 years of age, has a hawk nose, firm mouth and broad jaw.

Relationships Edit

Ahkio Javia Garika Edit

At the beginning of The Mirror Empire Nasaka's identified as Ahkio's aunt. However, In the aftermath of Clan Garika's attempted coup d'etat, Lohin Alais Garika reveals that Nasaka is actually Ahkio's mother and not his aunt.

Ghrasia Madah Taosina Edit

Nasaka helped Ghrasia cover up a murder committed by Ghrasia's daughter, Madah. She uses this as leverage for Ghrasia's support.

Kirana Javia Garika Edit

Kirana is Nasaka's niece, however it's unknown if it's through the maternal or paternal side.

Elaiko Sirana Nako Edit

Nasaka's assistant.

Biography Edit

During The Mirror Empire Edit

In the beginning of The Mirror Empire, Nasaka traveled to Clan Osono to inform Ahkio that Kirana is dying and to bring him back to the Temple of Oma. She made arrangements for the Ora Council to meet within moments of Kirana's death. Afterwards, she claimed that Ahkio would make a poor Kai, since he is ungifted and a man. She encouraged him to renounce his seat as Kai, stating it would be safer for him.

After Clan Garika attempts to overthrow Ahkio, Nasaka told Ghrasia that Ahkio trusts her, because she was Javia's companion, and to report back anything Ahkio confides in her.

When Ahkio held the meeting of all Clan Leaders at Clan Osono, Nasaka brought a drugged and tortured Almeysia to Clan Osono for Ahkio to question, knowing that Almeysia would tell him all about the Tai Mora and to earn his trust. She then proposed that Ahkio take Mohrai from Clan Sorai as a Catori, thereby strengthening his position with a strong clan.