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A wiki for the book series written by Kameron Hurley. The first Worldbreaker Saga novel, The Mirror Empire, was published in August of 2014. The second novel, Empire Ascendant, was published in October of 2015. The third novel, The Broken Heavens, is scheduled for publication in January of 2020.[1]

This wiki contains spoilers from the books. All plot or character development spoilers from Empire Ascendant will be clearly identified and automatically hidden if you're viewing from your desktop. The show/hide spoiler function may not work when reading from a mobile device.

Updates: Added information up through Chapter 30 of The Mirror Empire. 21 Dec 2016.


  1. Hurley, Kameron. "Hi I'm Kameron Hurley, author of THE LIGHT BRIGADE Ask Me Anything!" Reddit, 19 March 2019.

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